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Lee Danielson provides the vision for the company.  His background from youth to present day has been filled with history and entrepreneurship.

In his youth Lee was fortunate in his upbringing to be raised on a ranch in Ventura County, California as well as in Miami, Florida where the ancestral homes of Lee’s father’s family were predominate in shaping the birth and culture of Miami.  Vizcaya, home of James Deering, Lee’s great-great Uncle and Cutler, the Charles Deering Estate, Lee’s great grandfather’s botanical masterpiece are still today considered the finest properties.  In addition, the Deering Library at Northwestern University is well known for it architectural splendor.  These masterpieces helped shape Lee’s concept of quality and thoroughness.  Lee’s projects such as the highly acclaimed The Wilshire, Wilshire Thayer and The Remington condominiums on Wilshire Boulevard in West Los Angeles.  In addition, Lee’s vision made a major impact on Main Street in Charlottesville, Virginia.  A virtual beautiful ghost town, Lee transformed the former cattle town into a street of elegance, excitement and distinction. 

Lee also has been deeply involved in Family Corporations and Charitable Foundations.  He particularly understands the financial and emotional issues that are problematic in families that have the benefit and, sometimes, the curse of wealth.  Lee’s family corporation has been in business since 1903 and outgrowth of the former family corporation known as International Harvester.  This company was a true leader in the Industrial Revolution.  By providing the mechanism to allow large agricultural acreage to be farmed this company led the way for labor to go into the Industrial areas and create the greatest wealth ever known to man. 

Politics has also been in the lifeblood of Lee.  His maternal grandfather, W. Lee “Pass the Biscuts Pappy” O’Daniel was one of the most revered politicians in the late 1930’s and 40’s in Texas.  As Governor and Senator he was instrumental in setting the tone of industrialization in the Lone Star State.  A musician and leader, “Pappy” was well ahead of others of that age.  A true visionary who was ahead of his time.

With the benefits of history, success and challenges Lee brings much to the table in his ability to maturely effectively give outstanding guidance.